Frequently Asked Questions.

Be Right Back is a computer sharing platform that you can generate an income by sharing it with other players via secure P2P connections or you can play your games by accessing powerful computers through the BRB.

Our Partner application is still in development. You can fill a form at the registration page to get notified when it’s out!

Pay as you play

We have no such plans at the moment. We will not have a monthly package in the near future due to the fact that our current business model is pay-as-you-go. We plan to offer alternative business models for the monthly package AND of course we want to provide our service with the best price.

Since BRB is connected to real computers, it also technically supports all games. You can play all the games if the game is installed in any available partner computers. We will expand our game library according to the game requests.

Both yes and no. On BRB you can play free games or games you’ve purchased as well.

Our game list is not ready yet but we are working on it!

Of course, we are trying to expand our game library. You can make a request for the games you want to see in the library through our application and our Discord Server. So we can also notify you when you come to the library. Lastly, we would like to emphasize that this process is consequent of increasing the number of our partner computers so the list of games is dynamic and can be changed.

We work on integrations for Epic Games and Origin platforms. At the moment, you can only play the games you own the licenses via Steam.

You can end your session on the partner computer with the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+H key combination.

Yes, when you end your session all your steam history, your data is deleted and your steam account is logged out.

We don’t have a structure to invite your friends yet, but we are working on it.

We are working on it.

You can use our register page soon.

Open platforms tab in app. Click the “Connect Steam” button. Enter your credentials. And you can play your games!

Your Steam account might be in private. You can change this preference via Steam app under the Privacy Settings.

No, you can’t. In order to connect your Steam account to another BRB account you must disconnect existing BRB account first.

Login to our website. Then click respectively your username at the top-right corner and “Add Credit” button to access your payment page.

You can email us at with your credentials.

Windows 7, 64-Bit or newer.
2.0GHz Dual-Core or newer.
4GB Ram or more
GPU supporting DirectX 11 or newer.
NVIDIA GeForce 600 series or newer.
AMD Radeon HD 3000 series or newer.
Intel HD Graphics 2000 series or newer.

Yes, there is in our next year goals. We want to launch Mac version ASAP.

Development stage is almost done!

Development in progress. We plan to release this version at first quarter.

Why not?

You can adjust your streaming quality depending on your internet connection in the settings tab.

You can use the Alt+Tab key combination as usual.

Game savings are stored in cloud if your “Steam Cloud” is activated in your steam account. We will develop BRB save feature for games that don’t have “Steam Cloud” option.

You can try lowering your streaming settings (Bitrate, FPS, Resolution) depending on your internet connection.

You can connect to your modem via an ethernet cable.

For 30FPS and 720p resolution it should be at least 8Mbps download.

Sorry to hear that. You can contact us via our Discord Server. We will investigate the underlying reason and make refund the credit to you.

You can reach us from our Discord Server, Mail Adress or Instagram Account.

Your feedbacks are very important to us. You can use our Discord Server, Mail Adress or Instagram Account to contact us.

You should change your firewall settings to allow the BRB app.

You can find BRB log files in Windows;
“username”/AppData/Local/Temp directory.

It means other gamer plays with computer in which the game you selected is installed. BRB is based on the peer-to-peer connections so sometimes you can see unavailable games :/ But we’re trying to lessen the frequencies of this case by growing our partner PC network.

The servers of BRB are everywhere! Since we use real computers, we have a decentralized server network. In the future, our partners from every country or city will be able to serve through our sharing economy that we have started in Turkey (İzmir, Aydın, İstanbul and Ankara).

Tübitak 1512 Program,
Vestel Ventures Seed Investment,
Lonca Kuveyt Türk Accelerator Program,
TİM-TEB Global Houses,
İzmir NIC Accelerator Program,
Arya Women Investment Platform
Sustainable Wise Guys Pre Accelerator Program,
Google Turkey & Media Cat She Makes.